Regardless of which type of visualisation you require or how elaborate the finished result should be, our work is always based on detailed and logical methodology.

The first step is the strategic planning stage where we define the main features of the project with the client. Key issues dealt with here include: What message should be conveyed with which objective? What is the target group and how best can their interests and typology be reflected? This strategic planning also includes a feasibility study that looks into how the project can be realised and which materials can be used.

The project planning stage then involves specifying exactly how the finished exhibit will be used. This primarily related to the timeframe of usage, the location (e.g. trade fair, exhibition space, museum, etc.) and the surrounding context of the exhibit.

Finally, the exhibit planning stage forms the baseline for the development of the object to be presented. It deals with issues pertaining to the method and medium with which the message is to be conveyed to the target audience. We have found over the years that an emotional experience where people are actively involved and as many of their senses as possible are stimulated is what results the greatest impact. This is precisely what our exhibits, multimedia presentations, interactive installations and models are designed to bring about.

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