With a view to ensuring that exhibits, multimedia presentations, interactive installations and models have their full impact and convey the right message, the target group must perceive them and make active use of them in the desired way. Delivery of the objects to the designated location in a faultless condition is therefore crucial.

That is why we offer our clients a comprehensive logistics service that incorporates all aspects of this process. We pack the objects ourselves and select the most suitable means of transport.

We also take care of any customs procedures, assume responsibility for setting up and installing the object at the desired location and make sure it operates perfectly. We offer professional storage capabilities for exhibits that are not in use and ensure their maintenance, repair and general upkeep. In addition, we have an online exhibit portal for our clients that provides information about our exhibit inventory, exhibition spaces and timeframes.

From Geneva to Detroit, from Frankfurt to Tokyo MKT assembles throughout the world.

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Managing Director
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